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About us

Creation Process and Concept

José Lara is the designer and master jeweler who is behind the firm Lara Jewelers, a traditional Venezuelan firm that captures versatility and elegance in its purest form in each of its creations. Everyday life, nature and the deepest cultures are the source of inspiration to achieve jewelry with its own personality. The jewels of Lara Jewelers are distinguished by the unique and original designs, created by José Lara, founder of Lara Jewelers. All of them are manufactured in our workshop in Tampa Florida, a creation process that can last a month from the conception of the idea until the jewelry is distributed in the store.

The Creation Process

Made 100% with Venezuelan hands in North American lands, each of our pieces are Limited Edition, made with special attention to details and materials of the best quality. Committed to our clients, we work with dedication making their ideas materialize and feel in exclusive pieces, we carry out the process by drawing 2D and 3D sketches in the most sophisticated design software, printed and molded in Wax for its subsequent finishing in Our manufacturing workshops in precious materials, 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold.

The concept

It all starts with an inspiration, also based on trends, José Lara finds his inspiration in his surroundings, in the small details and in what he likes. Its connection with nature is reflected in many of the pieces and some of the brand’s most iconic collections. You have the option to customize the design, where the jewel becomes the protagonist playing a fundamental role to make it even more special and a different way of saying “I love you “Following the main trends, Lara Jewelers tries to make each piece original and unique , always following the essence of the brand, while retaining that modern touch so characteristic of Lara Jewelers.

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Eternity rinds with colored Diamonds

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Gold Cross with Diamonds



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